Designing App and Desktop Solutions with Citrix XenDesktop 7 (CXD-400)

기술분야 Citrix
교육일정 2014-10-13~2014-10-17 교육 기간 5 일
교육 금액 2,000,000원 쿠폰등록시 20매
과정 설명
본 과정은 성공적으로 평가하고 Citrix의 고객의 대부분은 다른 산업과 사용사례를 걸쳐 구현하는 높은 키 프로젝트와 아키텍처를 기반으로 XenDesktop 7 응용 프로그램 및 데스크탑 솔루션을 설계 할 수 있는 능력을 학생들에게 제공합니다. 학생들은 또한 조직의 디자인을 구축하고 자신의 작업을 지원하는 데 필요한 도구와 참고 자료를 모두에 접근 할 수 있는 기회를 가질 수 있습니다.

본 과정을 통해 Designing XenDesktop 7 Solutions 시험을 준비할 수 있으며, 시험에 통과하면 Expert - Virtualization certification 에 응시할 수 있습니다.
수강 대상
- desktop virtualization solution 디자이너
- 컨설턴트 엔지니어
과정 소개
Module 1 - Architecture
• the various components included in the XenDesktop 7 architecture
• Determine how the various components communicate and which protocols they are using
• Apply architectural understanding to desktop virtualization solutions
• Troubleshoot desktop virtualization design

Module 2 - Business Drivers
• Identify specific business drivers for multiple verticals
• Facilitate a discussion with the project team at an organization to prioritize business drivers

Module 3 - Data Capture
• Setting Up the Infrastructure Components
• Identify best strategy for data collection given a specific organizational environment
• Identify the types of application data to collect, the method for collecting them, and application data collection tools

Module 4 - User Segmentation
• Identify the different FlexCast models
• Identify considerations in selecting the most appropriate method for segmenting users

Module 5 - Application Assessment
• Understand the process of application assessment
• Demonstrate rationalization of applications in a given case organization
• Assess a suite of applications based on business needs and compatibility to a given XenDesktop delivery model

Module 6 - Setting Up Policies
• Setting Up Policies
• Installing the Group Policy Management Feature
• Configuring Printing Policies
• Configuring Remote Assistance
• Prioritizing the Policies
• Running the Resultant Set of Policy
• Setting Up Citrix Profile Management
• Reinforcement Exercise ? Configuring a Session Printer

Module 7 - Setting Up Provisioning Services
• Setting Up Provisioning Services
• Provisioning Services Architecture
• Setting Up a Provisioning Services Server
• Installing the Provisioning Services Console
• Configuring Boot from Network
• Setting Up a Second Provisioning Services Server
• Configuring the BootStrap File for High Availability
• Configuring the Master Target Device
• Creating the vDisk
• Assigning a vDisk to a Target Device
• Creating the Machine Catalog
• Creating the Delivery Group
• Reinforcement Exercise ? Creating BDM Target Devices

Module 8 - Preparing the Environment for Rollout
• Preparing the Environment for Rollout
• Testing a Service Account
• Testing the DHCP Scope
• Testing the Certificates
• Testing the Provisioning Services Share
• Verifying Internal Access to Hosted Applications
• Verifying Internal Access to a Server OS Machine (PVS)
• Verifying Internal Access to a Desktop OS Machine
• Testing Remote Assistance
• Testing Delivery Controller High Availability
• Testing SQL Server Mirroring
• Reinforcement Exercise ? Verifying Internal Access to a Server OS Machine (MCS)

Module 9 - Resource Req. Recommendations
• Identify recourse requirements
• Make key design decisions regarding resource recommendations

Module 10 - Access
• Design an authentication point (Storefront and NetScaler Gateway) strategy
• Determine session and access policies, including user authentication and remote access
• Design virtual desktop operating systems access
• Calculate bandwidth for the desktop virtualization solution

Module 11 - Desktop
• Make key design decisions regarding machine catalogs and groups
• Design a personalization strategy including user profiles, user policies and personal vDisk usage.
• Design an appropriate printing strategy

Module 12 - Application Delivery
• Design a solution that meets application inventory and integration requirements
• Identify characteristics of the applications that will impact placement as well as the application delivery architecture
  for the XenDesktop environment
• Design an application delivery strategy

Module 13 - Desktop Delivery
• Design a Desktop delivery topology, including Sites, XenDesktop Controllers per site, and load balancing
• Design the underlying infrastructure, including database selection, license servers an Active Directory Integration
• Identify the XenDesktop user and virtual desktop baseline policies

Module 14 - Networking Layer
• Make key high availability design decisions
• Integrate the XenDesktop infrastructure with the network infrastructure
• Understand WAN optimization, Multistream ICA, and DHCP functionality

Module 15 - Storage and Provisioning Layer
• Make key design decisions regarding storage solutions
• Identify the features and differences between PVS and MCS
• Design a provisioning strategy with either PVS or MCS

Module 16 - Platform Layer
• Make key design decisions regarding the hypervisor to be used in desktop virtualization solutions
• Make accurate hardware calculations, including VDI hardware, shared hardware, application hardware, and
  control hardware

Module 17 - Operational
• Understand potential migration approaches
• Design a system monitoring strategy
• Make key design decisions regarding decisions regarding application delivery
  o Migration approach
  o Backup and System Monitoring
  o Backup
  o System Monitoring

Module 18 - Verification
• Verify assess and design decisions using Citrix online tools
• Develop a complete stakeholder presentation
• Effectively present and support design decisions
  Capstone Exercise 5

Module 19 - Setting Up NetScaler
• Setting Up NetScaler
• Performing the Initial NetScaler Configuration
• Configuring NTP
• Configuring NetScaler High Availability
• Setting Up DNS
• Creating Certificates for NetScaler
• Load Balancing StoreFront Servers
• Configuring NetScaler for Remote Access
• Redirecting HTTP Requests for StoreFront
• Modifying StoreFront to Integrate with NetScaler
• Configuring ICA Proxy
• Configuring Authentication Policies
• Configuring NetScaler for Email-Based Account Discovery
• Reinforcement Exercise ? Scanning an Endpoint for a File
? Basic understanding of project management and documentation best practices
? Completed the following courses or can demonstrate equivalent knowledge:
??o CXD-102 Introduction to Citrix XenDesktop 7
??o CXD-300 Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions
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