Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration

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교육일정 2018-06-18~2018-06-22 교육 기간 5 일
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과정 설명
* 09:30 ~ 16:30 (30시간 / 5일)
* 이 과정은 오라클 공인교육으로 오라클 공인교육센터에서 운영됩니다.
(공인교육센터 위치 : 서울시 강남구 학동로 171 2층 영우글로벌러닝)

Oracle Solaris11 Advanced System Administration은 Oracle Solaris11.3운영 체제에 대한 집중적인 실무 경험을 바탕으로
수업과 실습을 결합하여 실무 중심의 교육과정입니다.

이 과정은 OracleSolaris11시스템을 구성하고 관리하는 세부적인 과정을 건너뛰는 고급 과정입니다.
수강 대상
- Data Center Manager / Network Administrator / Storage Administrator
- Support Engineer / System Administrator
과정 소개
1. Introduction
'- Course Goals
- Course Agenda
- Introductions
- Your Learning Center
- Your Lab Environment
2. Managing Services and Service Properties Using SMF
'- Describe the advanced features of SMF
- Configure SMF services
- Troubleshoot SMF services
3. Managing Software Packages by Using IPS
'- Describe Image Packaging System (IPS)
- Configure a local IPS package repository
4. Managing Data Back Up and Restore by Using ZFS
'- Plan for data storage configuration and backup
- Manage data redundancy with mirrored storage pools
- Back up and restore data with ZFS snapshots
- Manage data storage space with ZFS file system properties
- Troubleshoot ZFS failures
5. Configure the Network
'- Configuring virtual switches
- Configure link aggregation for high performance
- Configure IPMP for IP high availability
- Configure Packet Filter to control network access
6. Administering Network Services
'- Configure Network File System (NFS)
- Configure a Domain Name System (DNS) Client
- Configure a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Client
7. Advanced Administration of Zones
'- Explaining the fundamentals of Oracle Solaris 11 zones
- Manage system resources in a zone
- Migrating Oracle Solaris 10 systems
- Configure kernel Zones
- Administer unified archives
8. Securing the Oracle Solaris 11 OS
'- Implement user privileges and roles
- Manage privileges
- Manage user rights
- Verify file integrity by using BART
- Monitor the audit service
- Assess the compliance of an Oracle Solaris system
9. Managing Processes and Priorities
'- Implement process execution in an appropriate scheduling class
- Manage process scheduling priority
- Configure Fair Share Scheduler (FSS)
- Manage the scheduling class of zones
10. Installing Oracle Solaris 11 on Multiple hosts
'- Introduce the Automated Installer
- Configure the AI install server
- Configure the AI client
- Build an Oracle Solaris image
11. Implementing System Messaging And Diagnostic Facilities
'- Monitor system logs
- Identify a crash dump file
- Identify a core dump file
- Troubleshoot a script execution issue
- Troubleshoot a software update failure
- Troubleshoot a network connectivity issue
- Troubleshoot a directory access issue
- Troubleshoot a default shell issue
12. Introduce Oracle Solaris 11 on the Cloud
'- Explain Oracle Compute Cloud service
- Subscribe to Oracle Compute Cloud service
- Create an Oracle Solaris Instance on the cloud
- Create an SSH-enabled user on an Oracle Solaris instance
- Create a virtualized topology using Orchestration JSONs
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